The top 5 reasons you will love working at Eddy’s Cantina!



1. You get to practice your foreign languages.

Here at Eddy’s Cantina, you get to meet and get to know an amazing mix of customers from all around the world!

That’s right we have long term customers from the USA, Europe, South and Central America, Japan, Korea, India and of course Mexico!

Come and get paid to practice your second, third or fourth language!

2. You get to learn about other cultures.

Learning about different cultures from around the world is one of the greatest parts of life!

You will get to learn about things in the Mexican culture that are very different than Taiwan but you will also find that some things are very similar too! Mexicans also love their night markets!

3. You get to eat FREE Mexican food.

During your shift, one of the benefits is that you get to eat for FREE!
Yes, you must learn about our food so that you can teach new customers about it.
What better way to learn about it then to eat and eat and eat. All of our former staff become long term customers as they miss the food after they leave.
P.S. We also have amazing drinks, cocktails and local craft draught beer for you to try as well!

4. You get to be a part of really fun and touching events.

We have great monthly events like Karaoke, Mariachi, Live Music, Live Dj’s, UFC, Superbowl, World Cup and more!
We have also done engagement parties, wedding parties, going away parties, Wei-ya parties and even LIVE YouTube shows hosted by Eddy himself!

5. You get to work with Eddy himself!

Ok, seriously Eddy comes from a very open mindset, his parents are Mexican, he was born in Canada and he has lived in Taiwan for over 15 years so he knows the three cultures very well! It’s always good to learn from experienced people and when it comes to leadership and learning, Eddy is really fun to hang around with.

We’re sure you are going to LOVE it here!
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