Hey guys, hope you are all staying home and staying safe.
We want to introduce you once again to our Online ordering system (Eddys.tw).
You can pre-order your food or setup a delivery within Tianmu AND all over Taipei.
Also, to all of those lovely folks that are stuck in their quarantine hotels needing some Mexican Soul food, we can deliver to you as well!
So go to www.eddys.tw and place your order now!
We really appreciate your support!
Tip: when you are entering your address please type it in then use the dropdown menu to select your address, this way you will use Google Map's AI to get the best price for your delivery.
We are all in this together!
We are almost through this and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!
www.eddys.tw 請在此連結點餐
(註記:您在鍵入送餐地址時,下方會出現Google map 搜尋到的相關/相近地址,請找到列出的正確地址後,點選它,Google map才會自動搜尋結果而計算正確的運資。)
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Ok... So many requests for seconds from all over the island so we are gonna make another batch.
We have many travellers coming back in the next couple of weeks that are gonna be needing some quarantine soul food to get them through the day and we have to say that, yes, Tamales are perfect for that.
So again, pm me or comment below if you are gonna need some tamales. We are back wrapping today and we can ship all over the island.
My man down south is able to help me distribute Tamales in Kaoshiung! Lemme know and this will probably be the last batch for I dunno how long...

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Start with fresh local vegetables...
#eatfresheatlocal #eatlocal #eddyscantina #tianmu #tienmu #veggies #vegetables #taiwanfresh #freshlocalvegetables #madeintaiwan

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Got a special delivery from The Shack 野菇屋 Pizza (永華店) in Xindian. Great pizzas, fantastic people and I got to try their amazing Kombucha! Wow we are hooked!
It's Friday night! Grab a pizza if you are in Xindian and don't forget to #eatmoremexican right here!

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Lunchtime! The Shack in Xindian delivered to Eddy's Cantina! ...

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Foxy Friday night!
What's your plan? Mexican food and local craft is always a good plan!
Foxy Fridays means 1liter one way growlers are only 500nt today.
Hazy IPA's have been taking Taiwan by storm, come and try it with the best price of the week!

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Aaliyah has graduated to the Cayenne Hot sauce wings, Dad's go to fav for Hot wings, spicy, creamy, a little sweet and always satisfying.
That's close to the top one on round 1 of the live show. Pretty awesome!
What's your favorite go to Hot sauce for wings or just as a hot sauce?
Lemme know below!

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This little man, QQ, has been a customer and good friend of ours since he was a baby.
We were very happy to see that he enjoyed the Tamales so much that we had to share this awesome picture!
We finally caught up (almost) with our Tamale orders and we have updated our online system so it should be easier to order.
Get your last Tamale orders in ASAP because we will be closing down the Tamale factory very soon.
Stay Home, Stay Safe, Eat Tamales!

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My man Burak, the Turkish legend, grinding out the corn for today's #tamales !
If they ain't grinding out your corn for the masa, you ain't getting the best!

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First round of Tamales is ready for today, ran out of leaves, more arriving today!
Don't forget to get your orders in via the www.eddys.tw site.
Don't worry if you didn't make the first round, we are making all week!

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Order your Tamales Now!
1000 for 6 or 1800 for 12! Delivery excluded
It took us a little bit to catch up with the preorders and yes, place your order through our
Online Ordering System, once the order is confirmed, we can let you know the estimated time that your Tamales will be done.
Here are the steps:
Step 1: click www.eddys.tw
Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page to Tamales
Step 3: click on 6 pack or 12 pack, choose your flavors
Step 4: Enter your payment info and complete the order

Once thats done we will contact you with the date that your Tamales will be ready.
Thank you guys for the overwhelming support during this difficult time!
6個$1,000 或12個$1,800 (運費另計)
1. 進入連結: www.eddys.tw
2. 請滑到菜單頁面最底 “墨西哥玉米蒸粽“品項
3. 點選6個或12個,並選擇您要的口味
4. 結帳處留下資訊並完成預付動作


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Slow Monday, BUT...
We are all busy hand making these Tamales to ship all over the island!
The very epic part of this video is that, we have Philipinos, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and my Mexican-Canadian daughter all wrapping Mexican Tamales.
All of these countries have their own version of wrapped dumplings and we are sharing how similar we all are.
#tamalesintaiwan #eddyscantina

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Wash, soak, grind the local organic corn. ✓
Add the ingredients to make the ground masa into dough for Tamales. ✓
Soak and wash the leaves. ✓
Prep fillings. ✓
Wrapping and stuffing, today.
Steaming first batch tomorrow!
We have so many pre-orders, we will hit you guys up with the link tomorrow of how to get your hands on yours.
Only local organic corn is used, no instant corn powder.
P.s. thank you for all the lovely support
P.p.s. OMG I forgot how much work these are!

台灣有機玉米,清洗、浸泡、研磨⋯⋯ ☑️
加入獨家配方製成玉米麵糰⋯⋯ ☑️
浸泡、清洗粽葉 ⋯⋯ ☑️
準備各式內餡⋯⋯ ☑️
備註:1. 沒有添加任何人工成分,全是在地有機的喔。2. 天啊!都已經忘了原來這有多費工!

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Test batch! Almost ready! This week you will all receive your tamales!
We have been bombarded with orders so pleas be patient and we got ya!
#tamales #tamalesintaiwan

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Well since we have more time lately and are kinda stuck at the restaurant more for a while. We decided that we are gonna make tamales!
So I'm just putting it out there. Who wants tamales next week! Will probably sell them in 6's and 12 packs.
These things always sell out fast and they are perfect for storing and freezing!
AND they are perfect around Dragon boat festival time! Win-win-win!
Lemme know if ya are gonna want some!
We will do Chicken, Pork and Vegetarian.
近日疫情使得我們能待在餐廳做更多發想,於是我們決定不如來製作眾所期待的『墨西哥蒸粽』吧!所以我想在這兒問問舊雨新知們,有誰下週想來點這個特餐呢?應該會設定6個/12個的包裝組合。由於『墨西哥蒸粽』每次都迅速銷售一空,而且又便利冷凍儲存,所以想一想後,動動您的手指頭告訴我您的需求量。搭配『台灣端午佳節』也是很對味喔~ 這次提供“雞肉、燉豬肉、蔬食”三種口味。

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Redpoint Brewery has always been good to us.
We aren't huge on bottles here at Eddys but during these times we all need to adjust a little. So in addition to growler refills, we just loaded up the fridge with bottles from Redpoint.
Swing by and grab some food to go and a bottle or two of one of your favorite local beers.
我們在 Eddys 的瓶子上並不多,但在這些時候,我們都需要稍微調整一下。 因此,除了種植者補充裝外,我們還用 Redpoint 的瓶子裝滿了冰箱。

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Have you tried our Jalapeno poppers yet?
Spicy, cheesy, crunchy!
Available online thru www.eddys.tw
可通過 www.eddys.tw 在線獲取
Delivery available!
#supportlocalbusiness #weareallinthistogether
#eddyscantina #onlineorderingtaiwan

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Another of our favorite customers, the lovely Peggy Lee of the famous YouTube channel, PeggyTeachesChinese came by and placed a big order last week. She froze some enchiladas and then baked them a couple of days later, she did an amazing job!
Thanx Peggy
#eddyscantina #supportyourlocalbusiness

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A couple of days ago it was raining quite hard out and we had a birthday delivery dinner to Neihu. There were no available drivers so I (Eddy) decided to take it out there personally for my man, Aaron Silver's 10th Bday!
Was great to see these fellas and glad they enjoyed it.
I was even tipped with a yummy Hazy IPA that was from Belly 北裡 Comfort Food .
Happy Bday again and thanx for the support.

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Well one more week of no Dine in, believe me we are counting down as well. But we will still keep running this pickup discount for ya anyways.
Call in, show the post and get your discount.July 26th is a special day!
That's the day that we are hoping Dine-in is back on the menu in Taipei and it happens to be Eddy's (the man not the restaurant) birthday!
So we wanted to offer a little something special for all of the supporters that have helped us out during this crazy time.
15% off Pickup from Eddy's Cantina for the rest of July!
Pick up your favorite food and drink from Eddy's and we will knock off 15% as a way of saying thanks. (call it in and pick it up!)
Regular-priced items only and coupons cannot be combined, sorry.
7/26 是我們希望解封的日子,希望有機會可以開始餐廳內用服務的日子,也是老闆Eddy的生日喔!(來電接聽)
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39 minutes ago

Well one more week of no Dine in, believe me we are counting down as well. But we will still keep running this pickup discount for ya anyways. 
Call in, show the post and get your discount.

Six Tamales left! Dunno the next time we will make them again! No substitutions because these are truly the last six.
1 chicken, 5 pork.
The last six pack left.
Order it here.
After these six are gone, they are gone....
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6 days ago

Six Tamales left! Dunno the next time we will make them again! No substitutions because these are truly the last six.
1 chicken, 5 pork.
The last six pack left. 
Order it here.
After these six are gone, they are gone....
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